Barron's How to Prepare for the GRE 12th Edition

6a00c225280416549d00c225285115f219-500piPreparing for GRE. Then this book will help you to get good score.

As prospective graduate students concerned with professional advancement, you know the importance of using good tools and drawing on solid research. In this Twelfth Edition of Barron’s How to Prepare for the GRE, we offer you both.

This revision contains the fruits of our close study of all recent GRE General Tests made public by the Graduate Record Examinations Board. We have scrutinized hundreds of actual GRE questions, traced dozens of GRE reading passages to their sources, analyzed subsets of questions by order of difficulty and question type. In the process, we have come up with the following features, which should make this Twelfth Edition particularly helpful to you:

Actual GRE Questions Analyzed

The Twelfth Edition takes you step by step through dozens of verbal, mathematical, and analytical questions from actual published GREs, showing you how to solve them and how to avoid going wrong.

Testing Tactics

The Twelfth Edition provides you with dozens of proven, highlighted testing tactics that will help you attack the different types of questions on the GRE.

The Twelfth Edition gives you a new, updated 333-word High Frequency Word List, 333 words from abate to zealot that have been shown by computer analysis to occur and reoccur on actual published GREs, plus Barron’s 3,500-word Master Word List, the college-level vocabulary list for over 40 years.

Comprehensive Mathematics Review

The Twelfth Edition presents you with extensive mathematical review materials that provide a refresher course for students primarily involved in nonscientific disciplines.

GRE-Modeled Tests

The Twelfth Edition offers you a full-length Diagnostic Test geared to the current GRE, a diagnostic test that will enable you to pinpoint your areas of weakness right away and concentrate your review on subjects in which you need most work, plus five additional Model Tests, all with answers completely explained, that in format, difficulty, and content echo today’s GRE.

Computer GRE Update

The Twelfth Edition introduces you to the latest fashion in GRE testing-the adaptive, computer-based GRE and helps you determine how to prepare for this interactive form of the GRE.

This Twelfth Edition once more upgrades what has long been a standard text. It reflects the contributions of numerous teachers, editors, and coaches, and the dedication of the staff at Barron’s, especially Linda Turner. We, the authors, are indebted to all these individuals and to our publisher, Manuel H. Barron, for their ongoing efforts to make this book America’s outstanding GRE study guide."

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