Java Script for dummies


JavaScript has evolved quite a bit since its earliest days, from a relatively basic scripting language to a full-blown programming language in its own right. You can use JavaScript to create even more breathtakingly cool Web sites than ever before. You’ve probably seen Web sites with the following features:

  • Images that change when your mouse moves over them

  • Slide-show animations

  • Input forms with pop-up messages that help you fill in the fields correctly

  • Customized messages that welcome repeat visitors

All of these features (and much more) can be created with JavaScript. The thing is, JavaScript isn’t easy to use. The JavaScript language itself has become more complex than its earlier incarnations – but that’s where his new, improved, better-tasting edition of JavaScript For Dummies comes in! Even if you’re not a crackerjack programmer, you can use the techniques and sample scripts in this book to create interactive, "intelligent" Web pages bursting with animated effects.

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