Schaum's Outline of Statistics


Murray R Spiegel & Larry J Stephens, «Outline of Statistics», 3rd ed
McGraw-Hill | ISBN 0070602816 | 1999 | djvu | 5.7 MB | 549 pp

This Schaum’s Study Guide is the perfect tool for getting a handle on statistics. Fully stocked with solved problemsÑ508 of themÑit shows you how to work problems that may not have been fully explained in class. Plus you get 694 additional problems to use for practice, with answers at the back of the book. Ideal for independent study, brushup before exams, or preparation for professional tests, this Schaum’s guide is clear, complete, and well-organized. It even prepares you for computer solutions of statistical problems, fully explaining the use of Minitab, the most popular statistical software. It’s the perfect supplement for any course in statistics, and a super helper for the math-challenged.

Book Info
An ultimate exam preparation kit that includes a wealth of solved problems, summaries of key theoretical points and an electronic search feature. Covers frequency distribution, measurements of dispersion and other relevant topics. Paper

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