Schaum's Outline Theory and Problems of Electric Circuits


This new edition of Schaum’s Outline of Electric Circuits give readers a thorough foundation in the theory and operation of electric circuits. This bestselling outline combines brief descriptions of theory with illustrative examples, solved problems, and supplement problems to provide a direct and effective tool and methodology for learning.

  • Chapters include:

  • Introduction

  • Circuit Concepts

  • Circuit Laws

  • Analysis Methods

  • Amplifiers and Operational Amplifier Circuits

  • Waveforms and Signals

  • First-Order Circuits

  • Higher-Order Circuits and Complex Frequency

  • Sinusoidal Steady-State Circuit Analysis

  • AC Power

  • Polyphase Circuits

  • Frequency Response, Filters, and Resonance

  • Two-Port Networks

  • Mutual Inductance and Transformers

  • Circuit Analysis Using Spice and Pspice

  • The LaPlace Transform Method

  • Fourier Method of Waveform Analysis

  • Appendix A Complex Number System

  • Appendix B Matrices and Determinants

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