Search Engine Optimization for dummies


You have a cool Web site, and a really great product, service, or cause you want people to know about. But visitors aren’t beating down your cyber-door. What happened? The answer, most likely, is that you haven’t made your site irresistible to search engines.

Search engines have a great deal of control over the volume of traffic a Web site gets, because they put your site in front of people searching for your product or service. If you know the secrets of wooing the search engines, you can

  • Gain greater visibility for your site

  • Advance your position in the rankings

  • Avoid techniques that cause search engines to bump your site to the end of the list

  • Make pay-per-click advertising pay off

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Wildnet Technologies said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge about SEO
Even if the ideal candidate arrives at your site.
SEO Outsourcing India said...

Sounds like a very nice book. Will definitely check it out.

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