Solutions Manual for Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems Third Edition


ISBN-10: 0030309921
ISBN-13: 978-0030309922

"Elegantly written. Theories on Fourier transform and signal space are well presented. One of the best books for electrical engineering students and engineers."--Julian Cheung, New York Institute of Technology

"A textbook that focuses on giving students an intuitive understanding of communication systems as well as the theoretical knowledge. The book is well written so that I can cover additional material in class and allow the book’s explanation of certain topics to stand on its own." --Lisa Osackiw, Syracuse University

"I liked this book simply for its simplicity of instruction, easy to understand, and its comprehensive material. The book covers a wide range of information related to communication, including how communication systems work and how they perform in the presence of noise." --Ibraheem Kateeb, Guilford Tech

"Excellent explanation! Super text for beginners!" --Donald M. Wiberg, University of California, Santa Cruz


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Do you have a link for the book itself?? not the solution manual.. thanks a lot.. Your blog is very nice.. :)

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