effrey McManus' Database Access with Visual Basic Jeffrey Mcmanus


ISBN-10: 0672314223
ISBN-13: 978-0672314223

Visual Basic is an important programming language for interfacing with both web sites and databases. McManus includes a complete discussion of databases in general and then a complete discussion of database issues related to Visual Basic including Microsoft SQL server, MS Access, and ActiveX. This huge book will work for beginners and advanced users alike.

Database Access with Visual Basic’s major emphasis is on solutions, not technology. Rather than rattling off a list of features, diagrams and acronyms, this book provides step-by-step examples of the most important techniques developers typically go through to create database applications. Learn how to design a database, build the user interface, write queries, and construct a three-tiered client server system based on ADO 2.0, RDO, COM, SQL Server or Oracle. Find out "what’s new?" in Visual Basic 6 as it applies to data access strategies. Receive more information on different types of SQL queries and differences between the Access and SQL Server dialects

It is older version 334 pages + not indexed


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