Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Weekend Crash Course by Alex Kriegel


Microsoft SQL Server 2000: Weekend Crash Course
Hungry Minds | ISBN: 0764548409 | 409 pages | 2.8 MB | PDF

SQL Server 2000 is a major milestone for Microsoft, which is trying to position itself as a significant player in the database market. The demand for databasedriven sites on the Internet is exploding (some major sites are running SQL Server 2000 as their back end, Microsoft included), creating a demand for qualified people who understand the product—from technical support people to analysts to programmers without database experience.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Weekend Crash Course includes 30 sessions on the key aspects of Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Each session is designed to take 30 minutes to complete, so the Crash Course is an intense 15-hour learning period. You can complete the Crash Course over a weekend -- but you can also easily adapt the Crash Course sessions to whatever schedule best suits your needs.

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