CISCO TCP/IP Routing Professional Reference


ISBN-10: 0070411301
ISBN-13: 978-0070411302

"This is a valuable reference that no networking pro should be without! This should have been in the box from CISCO."--Jerry Curtis, Staff Writer, Aroostook Windows NT User Group. Updated and expanded to include the latest information on implementing TCP/IP over Cisco routers, this sought-after reference gives you just what Cisco documentation doesn’t--crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions for every aspect of running TCP/IP on the world’s most popular routers. Covering the all-important Internet protocol (increasingly used in local applications), the CISCO TCP/IP: Routing Professional Reference delivers practical, just-in-time expertise on designing for, configuring, and troubleshooting Cisco routers for fast-expanding

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I was unable to download the book, I would appreciate if you can email this book, "Cisco TCP/IP Routing Professional Reference" to my email id:


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