Wellness And Fitness Exercise Manual


The purpose of this manual is to provide a basic, practical, and safe exercise guide designed to be applied to the on-duty exercise program with the equipment available at each site. It attempts to accommodate the goals of a wide variety of firefighters: those in need of reconditioning, average firefighters, high-fit athletes, young, older, male and female.It is expected that many individuals will request more specific information on their exercise program. When this is the case, employees should contact their peer fitness trainer or send an e-mail message to the Wellness/Fitness Exercise Physiologist is a critical necessity. Creating a work environment that is conducive to achieving and maintaining high levels of fitness and health is one of the major goals for all departments participating in the IAFF/IAFC Wellness/Fitness Initiative. The County of Los Angeles Fire Department is at the forefront in demonstrating its commitment to meeting this goal with a comprehensive package of resources. Annual medical exams, which include several fitness components,

The Wellness/Fitness staff has worked closely with each of the contracted medical facilities to reiterate our emphasis in encouraging an aggressive pursuit of high fitness levels and healthy lifestyles. New exercise equipment has been delivered to all administrative sites with instructional materials. Peer fitness trainers will soon be available to provide assistance and guidance for all fitness related questions. And of course, on-duty exercise time is provided every shift. Hopefully, all employees will take full advantage of these resources.


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