Electronics & Communications Book Set

Newnes.Essential.MATLAB.for.Engineers.and.Scientists.3rd.Edition.Mar.2007.rar Size: 3MB

Verilog HDL Synthesis_J_Baskar.pdf

Size: 5.1MB

Statistical Signal Processing.pdf

Size: 2.6MB

Signals & Systems with MatLAB Computing & Simulink Modeling.rar Size: 3.8MB

Handbook of Time Series Analysis, Signal Processing, & Dynamics.rar Size: 1.2MB

Analog & Digital Circuits for Electronic Control System Applications.rar Size: 3.1MB

Data Acquisition & Signal Processing for Smart Sensors.rar Size: 2.4MB

Guide to RISC Processors for Programmers & Engineers.rar Size: 1MB

RISC ,Processor ,Programmer Multiprocessor Systems on Chips.rar Size: 2.4MB

Multiprocessor ,Systems ,Chip Advanced FPGA Design.rar Size: 5.4MB

FPGA ,Design Digital Frequency Synthesis Demystified.rar Size: 3.3MB

Digital ,Frequency ,Synthesis IMS Multimedia Telephony over Cellular Systems.rar Size: 2.9MB

Multimedia ,Telephony ,Cellular ,Systems Mobile Telecom. Protocols for Data Networks.rar Size: 2.4MB

Mobile ,Telecom ,Protocol ,Data ,Networks MMS Technologies, Usage and Business Models.zip

Size: 3.4MB

Second Generation Wavelets & Applications.rar Size: 1.9MB

Wavelet Mobility Management in Wireless Networks.rar Size: 7.1MB

Mobility ,Wireless ,Network Wireless A to Z.rar Size: 1.6MB

Wireless Self Similar Processes in Telecom.rar Size: 2.6MB

Signal Processing Noise.rar Size: 4.1MB

Communities: Experimental Art Signal ,Processing ,Noise Speech Enhancement.rar Size: 5.2MB

Signal Analysis - Time Frequency Scale & Structure.rar Size: 7.3MB

Signal ,Analysis ,Time ,Frequency Schaum's Electronic Devices and Circuits.rar Size: 3.7MB

Next Generation Mobile Systems 3G & Beyond.rar Size: 4MB

Mobile ,System ,3G Signals & Systems - Schaum.rar Size: 5.6MB

Signal ,System Fundamentals of WiMAX - Prentice Hall.rar Size: 3.2MB

DateDistortion in RF Power Amplifiers.rar Size: 2.3MB

Distortion ,RF ,Power ,Amplifier Adaptive Filtering Matlab.rar Size: 2.2MB

Communication Systems (Carlson) - Solutions Manual.rar Size: 4.5MB

Communication ,System ,Solution ,Manual Analog BiCMOS Design Practices & Pitfalls.rar Size: 2.1MB

Analog VLSI Circuits for the Perception of Visual Motion.rar Size: 3.4MB

A Guide to MatLAB For Beginners & Experienced Users.rar Size: 4.5MB

All DFS in Deep Submicron CMOS.rar Size: 7.8MB

Analysis Methods for RF & Microwave.rar Size: 2MB

C Programming for Microcontrollers.rar Size: 3.4MB

Circuits & Systems Based on Delta Modulation.rar Size: 2.3MB

Cognitive Radio Technology.rar Size: 6.4MB

Fundamentals of Switching Theory & Logic Design.rar Size: 2.7MB

Fiber Optic Essentials.rar Size: 1.8MB

Fuzzy Logic for EMB

edded Systems Applications.rar Size: 6.3MB

Fuzzy Logic A Practical Approach.rar Size: 5.2MB

General Theory of Infor. Transfer & CoMBinatorics.rar Size: 7.6MB

DatePower Electronic Modules Design & Manufacture.rar Size: 2.6MB

Power System Analysis Short-Circuit Load Flow & Harmonics.rar Size: 11.5MB

Practical Data Acquisition for Instru. & Control Sys.rar Size: 13.6MB

Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems.rar Size: 7.9MB

Precision Temperature Sensors in CMOS Technology.rar Size: 3.6MB

Programming the parallel port.rar Size: 1.5MB

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