Web Marketing For Dummies


Claim your space in the online marketplace!

Develop a plan, build a marketing-effective site, and create word-of-Web campaigns

Launching a Web site for your product or service does not automatically ensure sales success. This book provides the know-how for creating a solid Web marketing plan, including how to build a site that draws and keeps visitors. Then add proven strategies like search engine optimization and link campaigns, and measure your results. Successful Web marketing techniques - all within your budget

Discover how to

* Make your site search engine friendly
* Close a sale on your site
* Drive traffic to your site
* Create an online marketing plan
* Take advantage of guerilla marketing
* Maximize your marketing dollars


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The Arabian Nights -Burton Francis


Burton, Sir Richard Francis (1821-1890) - English explorer, Orientalist, writer of travel books, and renowned translator. Tales from the Arabian Nights (1885-88) - Stories told by Scheherazade to her husband Schahriah to save her from being executed. These ancient Persian-Indian-Arabian stories were translated into English by Burton; their original source remains unknown and may date as far back as the eighth century.


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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 16th Edition (Volume 6)



A step ahead of everyday practice, the practice of medicine is unthinkable without Harrison’s. This package includes the single-volume of the new full-color Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 16/e and life-of-edition access to Harrison’s Online.

A tremendous added value!
*4,700 diseases... more than any other internal medicine text
*NEW free access to Student Web Resource Center
*Harrison’s Online Features
*Updated Daily
*Includes self-assessment questions, drug/dosing database, resource centers, clinical trials reports, and more

Pages: 2607

Part1 http://rapidshare.com/files/11842168/Haprintmed1.rar
Part2 http://rapidshare.com/files/11842169/Haprintmed2.rar
Part3 http://rapidshare.com/files/11842171/Haprintmed3.rar
Part4 http://rapidshare.com/files/11842175/Haprintmed4.rar
Part5 http://rapidshare.com/files/11842177/Haprintmed5.rar
Part6 http://rapidshare.com/files/11842176/Haprintmed6.rar

pass: tFHaprintmed1.rar

pass: tFHaprintmed1.rar

All file must be downloaded to extract total 55MB

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8051 Microcontroller Architecture Programming and Applications - Ayala

8051%2520Microcontroller%2520Architecture%2520ProgrammingThis book from author Kenneth J. Ayala is designed as a main or supplementary text for learning about microprocessors or microcontrollers. It comes packaged with a customized disk containing an 8051 assembler and 8051 simulator. The focus is on programming the Intel 8051 microcontroller, one of the most common microprocessors used in controls or instrumentation applications using assembly code.

The third edition teaches current principles of computer architecture including simulation and programming, with new state-of-the-art integrated development software that is included at the back of the book. The writing style engages readers and renders even complex topics easy to absorb. Practical examples of assembly code instructions illustrate how these instructions function. Complex hardware and software application examples are also provided.

The 8051 Microcontroller book Highlights

  • Thorough coverage of binary number systems and binary mathematics is included, along with a tutorial on assembly language programming

  • Complete descriptions of 8051 internal architecture, timers, ports, and serial communications are given

  • Up-to-date chapters examine how to build and test a small 8051-based microcontroller system, as well as interfacing the system to switches, keypads, displays, and A/D-D/A converters

  • Questions and programming challenges are featured at the end of every chapter to underscore key points

  • Hallmarks retained from the Second Edition include coverage of the 8052, 8051 derivatives, and the 16-bit XA microcontroller, as well as a complete RAM map that includes all SFRs and bit addressable locations

  • Appendices explain how to use the back-of-book software, and include assembly code instructions, control registers, ASCII tables, and a summary of 8051 derivative products that are currently available

Download from Esnips

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A to Z of C


A to Z of C is the book on C/DOS programming. This is the non-profit project by K. Joseph Wesley and R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah intended to provide the cheapest and best C/DOS programming book to Indian intellectuals who cannot afford to buy costlier books.

Throughout the world many people have contributed to this work by providing their valuable articles, source codes, suggestions, etc. The notable experts are Dr. Dennis M. Ritchie, Dr. Ralf Brown, Mr. Alexander Russell, Dr. Cristina Cifuentes and so many.

Download pdf Now

Visit Author’s site for latest version

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Mark Twain - Ebooks

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer, a mischievous redheaded orphan taken in by his Aunt Polly, goes through a series of adventures involving his friends, Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn. Tom is an escape master, and a professional trickster. He escapes punishment many times by his tricks. Though he is often foolish and unpredictable, he also is somewhat smart and has a good sense of humor. When not trying to win his sweetheart, Becky Thatcher, Tom is either getting into mischief or going on an adventure. Many times, Tom suddenly changes from his grinning self into a fearsome pirate or Indian. His laugh changes into a bloodcurdling yell or a barking captain's voice. Tom Sawyer's main doings are racing bugs, impressing girls with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi River. The best-known passage in the book describes how Sawyer persuades his friends to white-wash, or paint, a long fence for him.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885) by Mark Twain is commonly accounted as one of the first Great American Novels. It was also one of the first major American novels ever written using Local Color Realism or the vernacular, or common speech, being told in the first person by the eponymous Huckleberry "Huck" Finn, best friend of Tom Sawyer (hero of three other Mark Twain books). The book was first published in 1885.

The book is noted for its innocent young protagonist, its colorful description of people and places along the Mississippi River, and its sober and often scathing look at entrenched attitudes, particularly racism, of the time. The drifting journey of Huck and his friend Jim, a runaway slave, down the Mississippi River on their raft may be one of the most enduring images of escape and freedom in all of American literature.

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The Art of Electronics

The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz & Winfield Hill
Cambridge University Press | 2nd edition | ISBN-10: 0521370957 | ISBN-13: 978-0521370950 | July 28, 1989 | DjVu | 1125 Pages

The Art of Electronics, by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill, is a popular textbook dealing with analog and digital electronics. It is sometimes referred to as the "electronics bible", and remains a popular text, although its most recent (2nd) edition was released in 1989.

The text is information-dense, but with an informal, light tone that makes it more accessible. At over 1000 pages (second edition) it covers virtually all areas of electronics design, from basic DC voltage, current, and resistance, to active filters and oscillators, to digital electronics, including microprocessors and digital bus interfacing. It also includes discussions of such often-neglected areas as high-frequency, high-speed design techniques and low-power applications.

The book is particularly useful because of its many example circuits. In addition to having examples of good circuits it also has examples of bad ideas, with excellent discussions of what makes the good designs good and the bad ones bad. It is a cross between a textbook and reference manual, though without the chapter-end questions and exercises that are often found in textbooks.

The Art of Linear Electronics by John Linsley Hood
Newnes | 2nd edition | ISBN-10: 0750637463 | ISBN-13: 978-0750637466 | June 1998 | DjVu | 348 Pages

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The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

Powerful Lessons in Personal Change was a groundbreaker when it was first published in 1990, and it continues to be a business bestseller with more than 10 million copies sold. Stephen Covey, an internationally respected leadership authority, realizes that true success encompasses a balance of personal and professional effectiveness, so this book is a manual for performing better in both arenas. His anecdotes are as frequently from family situations as from business challenges. Before you can adopt the seven habits, you'll need to accomplish what Covey calls a "paradigm shift"--a change in perception and interpretation of how the world works. Covey takes you through this change, which affects how you perceive and act regarding productivity, time management, positive thinking, developing your "proactive muscles" (acting with initiative rather than reacting),
and much more.

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Who Moved My Cheese?

                An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, published in 1998, is a motivational book by Dr. Spencer Johnson written in the style of a parable. It describes change in one's work and life, and four typical reactions to said change with two mice, two "little people", and their hunts for cheese. A New York Times business bestseller since release, Who Moved My Cheese? has remained on the list for almost five years and has spent over two hundred weeks on Publishers Weekly's hardcover nonfiction

Author Spencer Johnson
Country United States
Publication date 1998

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Computer Networks 4th Ed Tanenbaum

                      Computer Networks, Fourth Edition is the ideal introduction to computer networks. Renowned author, educator, and researcher Andrew S. Tanenbaum has updated his classic best seller to reflect the newest technologies, including 802.11, broadband wireless, ADSL, Bluetooth, gigabit Ethernet, the Web, the wireless Web, streaming audio, IPsec, AES, quantum cryptography, and more. Using real-world examples, Tanenbaum explains how networks work on the inside, from underlying physical layer hardware up through today's most popular network applications.

                 The author insteadof giving facts gives the history of computer networks, Which makes study interesting. Really a classic and must have book for everyone in computer science

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Harry Potter AIO (All in one)

Due to request from few users I have found All in one file

This archive contains 3 Pdf files that have 8 Harry Potter books
*Harry Potter 6 in 1 ( First 6 HP books in the right order )

Quidditch Through The Ages

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Password is : "Dead Link"
Ignore quotes Include space

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Digital Design Morris Mano

Morris Mano, M. Mano, «Digital Design (3rd Edition)»
Prentice Hall ISBN: 0130621218 Aug 2001 516 Pages ~88 Mb

This is a modern revision of the classic digital design textbook. The book teaches the basic tools for the design of digital circuits in a clear, easily accessible manner. New to This Edition:

* Nine sections on Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL) inserted in discrete sections, allowing the material to be covered or skipped as desired. The Verilog HDL presentation is at a suitable level for beginning students who are learning digital circuits for the first time.
* Reorganized material on combinational circuits is now covered in a single chapter.
* The emphasis in the sequential circuits chapters is now on design with D flip-flops instead of JK and SR flip-flops.
* The material on memory and programmable logic is now consolidated in one chapter.
* Chapter 8 consists mostly of new material and now covers digital design in the Register Transfer Level (P) FL), preparing the reader for more advanced design projects and further Verilog HDL studies.
* A new section in Chapter 11 supplements the laboratory experiments with HDL experiments. These unable the reader to check the circuits designed in the laboratory by means of hardware components and/or by HDL simulation.
* Text accompanied by Verilog simulator software—SynaptiCAD's VeriLogger Pro evaluation version, a Verilog simulation environment that combines all of the features of a traditional Verilog simulator with a powerful graphical test vector generator. Fast model testing in VeriLogger Pro allows the reader to perform bottom-up testing of every model in a design. All of the HDL examples in the book can be found on the CD-ROM.
* A Companion Website includes resources for instructors and students such as transparency masters of all figures in the book, all HDL code examples from the book, a Verilog tutorial, tutorials on using the VeriLogger Pro software, and more

Download Now (90 MB scanned third edition) (poor scan)

Want a better but old edition then download this,
12 MB second edition,
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Kane and Abel......the classic Novel


               Kane and Abel
is a 1979 novel by British author Jeffrey Archer. The title and story is a play on the Biblical brothers, Cain and Abel. Released in the United Kingdom in 1979 and in the United States in February of 1980, the book was an international success

Abel is rescued from the woods beside the body of his dead mother by a hunter and taken into a peasant family. The Russian occupation of Poland, his fearful and solitary escape to Turkey and later America, will have you cheering this tough young boy.

Meanwhile, young William Kane is growing up in the lap of luxury, attending the finest schools, and winning every honor his father before him achieved.

You will be fascinated by Archer's storytelling and the vivid characters he portrays. You will root for Abel and take him to your heart. You will be fascinated with William and wish only the best for him. Unfortunately, when the two characters cross paths as young men, a fierce hatred erupts and they become life-long enemies, as Abel swears to destroy William Kane.

The author has made each of his main characters so endearing that the reader is torn and loyalties falter. Do you root for Abel? Do you root for William? Dare you hope they will work this out? Whatever you are thinking, you will be surprised. This is not one of those novels where you will see the ending coming, but you will be stunned, sad, and uplifted as a gamut of emotions play with your mind and heart.

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