Pluggable Authentication Modules: The Definitive Guide to PAM for Linux SysAdmins and C Developers

Language English
Paperback 124 pages [191mm x 235mm]
Release date January 2007
ISBN 1904811329
ISBN 13 978-1-904811-32-9
A comprehensive and practical guide to PAM for Linux: how modules work and how to implement them

Understand and configure PAM
Develop PAM-aware applications and your own PAMs using the API and C
How to authenticate users in Active Directory, mount encrypted home directories, load SSH keys automatically, and restrict web and rsh services

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RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Study Guide Exam RH302

  • ISBN-10: 0782127932
  • ISBN-13: 978-0782127935
Book Info
All of the necessary study material for the RHCE Certification Exam, RH302. Full coverage of every exam point and tips for passing the exam are included. The CD-ROM contains hundreds of practice questions, a Sybex edge testing engine, sample portable electronic flashcards for PCs and Palm devices, and a searchable electronic copy of the text.

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Hackers Secrets

HACKER’s Secrets


A manual for beginner, This book won’t make you a hacker but will gave you idea abt what the hacking process can be for the beginners only

THE internet is ever growing and you and I are truly pebbles in a vast ocean of information. They say what you don’t T know can’t hurt you. When it comes to the Internet believe quite the opposite.On the Internet there a millions and millions of computer users logging on and off on a daily basis. Information is transferred from one point to another in a heartbeat.Amongst those millions upon millions of users, there’s you.

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A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking


ISBN-10: 0553380168
ISBN-13: 978-0553380163

A Brief History of Time is a popular science book written by Professor Stephen Hawking and first published in 1988. It rapidly became a best-seller, and had sold 9 million copies by 2002. It was also on the London Sunday Times best-seller list for a record-breaking 237 weeks

A Brief History of Time attempts to explain a range of subjects in cosmology, including the Big Bang, black holes, light cones and superstring theory, to the nonspecialist reader. Its main goal is to give an overview of the subject but, unusual for a popular science book, it also attempts to explain some complex mathematics.

The author notes that an editor warned him that for every equation in the book the readership will be halved, hence it includes only a single equation: E = mc².

In addition to Hawking’s abstinence from equations, the book also simplifies matters by means of illustrations throughout the text, depicting complex models and diagrams.

The book is considered by many to be an "unread bestseller" which is a book many people own but few have finished.(Courtesy of Wikipedia)
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