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Hi, It has been long time and I am aware this blog is badly screwed.
But I have now got little time for this.I will be posting Once in
Month. So guys better subscribe and wait. Or you can always google
for Information.This post in totally devoted to Open systems Linux

This are not Ebooks but Online Refrence

OriellyCD Book Shelf
Perl in a Nutshell
Programming Perl 3rd Edition
Advanced Perl Programming
Perl CookBook
Perl for system Administration
Perl and LWP
Learning Perl 3rd Edition
Pern in Nutsheel end edition
Perl and XML
DNS and Bind
sendmail destop ref
internet firewals
unix and internet security
ssh the secure shell - The Definative Guide
TCP/IP Network Adminsitration
Managing NFS and NIS
Essestial SNMP
Network troubleshooting tools
Building internet firewalls 2nd Edition
Unix power tools
unix in nutshell
Learning VI
Sed & AWX
Learning korn shell
Samba XMP Java Swing and many more

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