1001 Unbelievable facts – Helen Otway








Have you ever stopped to think about all the unbelievable things that are going on in the world ? in the time it's taken you to read this sentence hundred of unimaginable thing have just happen ......and that's hard to believe too!

Even before there were people on the planet to decide whether something is unbelievable of no , a whole range of unimaginable stuff was going on , Tyrannosaurus rex for example has a incredible jaw full of foot long teeth that were strong enough to crush a car. Then there was a gigantic brachiosaurus it was length of two buses and weighted at least 35 tones.

As soon as people came along , they would often spend their days looking for crazy things to do ranging from making fire with couple of sticks
to building huge structure without any machinery. Over the time , scientist came out as the champions of inconceivable truth and often made unbelievable discoveries even without meaning to!.




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