The emperor of Melodies A biography of cancer




This meticulously researched book chronicles the history of cancer diagnosis and treatment from ancient Egyptian times up through the present. The description of treatment is often morbid and shows both the primitiveness of cancer treatment and the aggressiveness of the disease. It is enough to give any cancer survivor chills, while making them ever more appreciative of beating the odds to defeat or at least forestall the march of this killer. There are several fascinating aspects of the book.


Deep breath. This book is elegant, extraordinarily insightful, and most of all important. Despite the big words and the complicated science, Mukherjee had me riveted from start to finish. I thought I had a knowledge of cancer before this book, but now I understand it, in all of its feverish complexity and horrifying beauty. In the history of cancer research, there have been bright flashes of brilliance combined with truths that are stupidly rediscovered centuries too late (such as the carcinogen..


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